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Stari Mlini

The Stari Mlini (Old Mill) is probably the most famous restaurant in the bay. It is located just 100 metres from the villa and specialises in sea food although their meat is also very good. It is based round an old mill, and in summer the tables are scattered between the gardens and rivers. The food is excellent, but prices have gone up recently and it is expensive.

Forza Mare

Our favourite evening out is to book at table at Forza Mare, and walk there. It takes about 40 minutes, and apart from a short distance on the road it is mostly on the seafront. There are a couple of bars on the way if you want to stop off for a drink. The restaurant is on a small terrace over the sea. The food can be spectacular, and they have some excellent puddings. It is a little less expensive than Stari Mlini.

Hotel Splendido

Located on the other side of the bay in Prcanj is the Splendido Hotel. This is an old building that has been tastefully converted into a hotel. If you book first they will set up a table beside the sea on the extensive terrace. The food is pleasant and not overly expensive.

Porto Montenegro – Pier One

For a lunchtime meal we often go to Porto Montenegro in Tivat. The new marina there is spectacular, and this restaurant/bar on the main Pier offers good food at sensible prices. They have great salads, and its easy to while away an afternoon watching the boating people, and listening to their music.

Perast – Conte Nautilus

This restaurant is located right on the front in the village of Perast. The food is not as good as Stari Mlini, but its a very pretty setting.

In Kotor

The best restaurant is probably Galion, which is built out over the water and provides a tremendous view of the illuminated fortifications that surround Kotor. It offers a typical Mediterranean menu.

Ellas is a small restaurant at the Kotor end of Dobrota – this has an upstairs terrace. It has good food and is a bit cheaper than the other restaurants listed. It has been a favourite with several of the villa guests.

For traditional food ‘ Stari Grad’ restaurant is in the centre of town, is owned by the same group. It is indoors, so possibly a better bet if the weather is not great.

There are lots of other restaurants round the bay and in Kotor, catering form most tastes and budgets.

Hotel Amfora

This hotel is located in the village of Orahovac – the next village from the villa towards Perast. While I wouldnt go there for the food, it has a set of terraces that lead down to a small, pebbly beach, and is very pleasant for an evening drink, especially if you have younger children who are happy playing at the waters edge.